Monday, January 30, 2006


So, after a long post-production with much too much nitpicking, five or six title changes and much promising to get it up on the site, here's my Intermediate Production 120B experimental piece. I decided to do a mood piece (partially inspired by my favorite director Wong Kar-Wai) but specifically a fear mood piece. I wanted to do something different and I'm glad that I ventured out of my safety zone. ^^ Anyway, it has its flaws, but it's still my baby. Press play, wait to load, and enjoy! (Then leave comments.)

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    At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Evita!! Your film looks so cool!! I really like the green and I'm glad you found a way to lighten it up a bit :) It's very eerie and creepy! haha Can't wait for my copy :) We should totally do a spoof!
    Love, Jenn

    At 4:42 PM, Blogger Billy McLellan said...

    meh... it was ok. im just kidding. this is my favorite of yours actually. i just watched it a second time and liked it more. the greenish tint gives an indie quality that i think is pretty cool... and it also makes it look kind of gross like a... well... bathroom. Yeah, and nice choice of boots. when you told me about that, i expected to see cowboy boots, but these reminded me of witch shoes, so i thought that was cool.

    At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Julie Choe said...

    Evita.. i dont get it


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