Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"I. Want. To. Go To. There..."
Hello everyone. This is a 'slate' I showed before my section was screened at my Grad show this past December. (Better late then never, right?) Whether you were physically there to support or if you sent over some good thought, it means the world to me, so thank you all very much.

Things are still moving forward. My short if 95% complete. We were able to obtain some music rights from the brilliant bands, the Dirty Sweet and the Mighty Regis . Everyone should start listening to them because they're fantastic, plus you'll be that much cooler for being ahead of the curb when these guys make it big.
We'll keep in touch, and we'll let you know where the project is going, and when we'll have a screening for you lot.

As always, thanks for the support, especially if you've been visiting/viewing with us for awhile now.



The "Keep Up [w/ TIME] spec" is now up in HD. Scroll back down to check it out in its new glory.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Never follow a homeless person to a second location"-- I know, I know... we've been gone for quite awhile. But that doesn't mean that we haven't been doing our 'thang' (that's cool people talk for "thing).

Evita is working... in the industry! She's an Associate Producer at Formosa Films, LLC. She's doing great and working up that ladder. Soon, we'll all be working for her.

Alice is in the midst of her project "Boba & Melon Gum," which is a parody on Jim Jarmucsh's "Coffee and Cigarettes." In the meantime she has shot a few spec spots for fun, and got to work with her cool friends.

Also, Alice has been fortunate and been blessed with some good news regarding her P.S.A. she shot last summer, "G.G. Meeting." The spot has won several accolades including a Bronze ADDY Award (LA level), a Gold ADDY Award (District level), and a finalist in the National ADDY Awards. Furthermore, the piece has won a Bronze TELLY Award and was Shortlisted for the Young Director Award at Cannes Film Festival. The piece is continuing to gain exposure including being showcased at New York's Lincoln Center and during the Live Earth Simul-Broadcast this past year.

Thanks to everyone for your support and continued fan-ship. We really appreciate it. And now, here are the spec spots Alice has failed to post, until now. As always, feel free to enjoy.

"'OBSESSION' with Humour"

This is a viral spec for our SUNDAY TEAM at ComedySportzLA. We're tapping into the 80's German Expressionistic Calvin Klein commercials that were way too pretentious so ultimately too much fun to not make fun of.

Andrew Stubblefield
Eddie Quintanna
Cat Davis
Chey Kennedy
Keith Young

"Keep Up with TIME [Magazine]"

A spec spot for TIME Magazine.

Chris McNeany

Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Music is Hard" PCM Video Vignette

"Yeah, but I belong to two unions."-- This is a project that came together literally last minute as apart of our ("the Agency", a group/class I'm in ) campaign presentation to a client. Our campaign is still in review, but I am proud of this piece, hence the posting.

Many thanks to Kathleen Wong and the Wong Family.

Thanks for viewing. Cheers.


Directed by: Alice Park
Concept by: Keith Rector, Jorge Bache, and Micah Panama
D. P. : Pete Holub
A.C. : Paul Hidalgo
Edited by: Alice Park