Friday, December 30, 2005

Up next...


Sorry, folks (for our loyal Cohortzians, if any). Oh, this is Alice typing here. Evita was kind enough to keep you posted with our work (which is below the asterick line) but it was a bit ago and I would hate for people to get bored and check their emails for the 15th time today, so I decided to update the update. Well, I've finished my little short, I'm just waiting for it to verified by the people of GoogleVideo. So it should be a couple more days, we never know how long it takes those cats.

Thanks, friends and Happy New Year.

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Just in case you thought we hadn't accomplished anything yet this break, keep checking our site for these upcoming projects.

"A Message"
Dir. Alice Park
Status: As of 1/2/06, currently in post-production.
In mock-PSA format, an homage to anyone who's ever created. Featuring impressive foley FX by a team of extremely talented foley artists.

"We Belong Together"
Status: Pre-production
Currently top secret, but keep your fingers crossed for this one to get off the ground.

Note: Alice really can solve a rubiks cube. ;)


Friday, December 23, 2005

My Popcorn

"What we've got here is failure to communicate"-- This is another short from my time at ACAN (Summer '04) and this being the product of my long-shot assignment. This is all one take. I didn't write a story, I just had the concept of the kind of fun conversations that creep up in friendly social gathering and that's how this came into play. The actors came up with their own dialogue- I just told them where to walk and where to expect the camera. Although the dialogue isn't the focus it's hard not to lean in and want to catch everything that they are saying because it's too funny.

So, grab yourself a small bowl of popcorn (becuase it's only 5 min. long) and enjoy "My Popcorn". (You see what I did there, with the word 'popcorn'?)


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Writer's Block

"Brace yourselves lads" --This is my third short I shot for Art Center at Night (ACAN) in the summer of 2004. Hope you enjoy it. (Don't tell me if you don't) (I'm joking) (Or am I?)


Sync or Swim

Hi friends. So, this is the first short I ever made (Summer 05) for Film 120A Basic Production. We're using google video to host, so press play then pause it for a bit to let it load. Once we have enough stuff to showcase, we'll get us a proper site and you'll be able to access stuff more freely. As for now, this will have to do. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy. ^^


New name, new site

Alice and Evita have been friends for quite awhile now. And over the years they have formed a unique bond that not only complements each other but harmoniously contrasts each other, bringing to you, hopefully, some new and refreshing creative entertainment. Let's go back a bit. These two girls have dabbled in the many facets that cinema and theatre have to offer (i.e- photography, screenwriting, acting, singing, dancing, music, working as stagehands and proptresses...) and have come to realize that film/motion picture/cinema is the thing that satisfies their artistic hunger.

We are Cohorts.

Okay, so now that Alice has had her fun talking about us in third person, I'll continue by explaining that we used to call ourselves Wet Fries Productions, but after some discussion about longevity and"grown-up soundingness" we decided that Cohorts Pictures might be a better choice for our budding production company. This blog is a makeshift site for us to showcase our work until we've accumlated enough to launch our own website (yes, that means we'll someday have a spiffy URL like or something of the sort). In the meantime, we've discovered a great resource in Google Video. For now, we'll be hosting our videos from there so the quality and speed with which you may enjoy our stuff may be hampered a bit, but please bear with us. After all, someday you'll be able to say you witnessed the beginning of a partnership that will someday take over Hollywood...maybe. ;)

Anyway, comments of praise or criticism, suggestions or random comments are always appreciated. Remember, Alice and I anxiously check this site more often than either of us would like to admit (Alice: that's true) and your comments will surely brighten our day.

We hope to be continuously posting up our work as we create it, so bookmark us and stay ontop of what us Cohorts are up to. ;)

As Evita has said, we are a budding production company as much as an expanding one and that's with your support (join us won't you, you won't regret it). Just keep in touch and say what you want to say how you want to say it (try it in third person it's fun). We are not the types to fade away into the blackhole of internet blogging. Trust us, we are quite persistent and we are here to create, entertain and stay.