Thursday, August 16, 2007

a Cohorts Moment: at the Beach.

"I love lamp. ... I love lamp!" -- Once again, this is me putting some concepts about breaking the fourth wall and playing with the expected (or introducing the unexpected) into fruition. We had a lot of fun making this because it was basicall the four of us messing around at the beach and eating all day. It was amazing! And because I hadn't been to the beach in about 3 years, it was a great little break for me.

Many thanks to my wonderful, special friends whom I miss dearly when I'm not hanging out with them.

Again, and as always, please do feel free to be entertained.


"G.G. Meeting" PSA for Climate Change

"It's for realsies"--This is my public service announcement I did through my school for the United Nations and their climate change conference they're holding his fall (2007). It was a great experience and I'm very proud and thankful for the people that surrounded and supported me for this project. I love it and I hope you do too.

Remember to recycle and do other cool stuff for the environment! :P