Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"I. Want. To. Go To. There..."
Hello everyone. This is a 'slate' I showed before my section was screened at my Grad show this past December. (Better late then never, right?) Whether you were physically there to support or if you sent over some good thought, it means the world to me, so thank you all very much.

Things are still moving forward. My short if 95% complete. We were able to obtain some music rights from the brilliant bands, the Dirty Sweet and the Mighty Regis . Everyone should start listening to them because they're fantastic, plus you'll be that much cooler for being ahead of the curb when these guys make it big.
We'll keep in touch, and we'll let you know where the project is going, and when we'll have a screening for you lot.

As always, thanks for the support, especially if you've been visiting/viewing with us for awhile now.



The "Keep Up [w/ TIME] spec" is now up in HD. Scroll back down to check it out in its new glory.