Thursday, February 16, 2006

Expiration Date

It's a posting frenzy!! It's cool cuz since Alice and I are both making projects, you guys have more stuff to watch. ^^

This is my second project for 120B Intermediate Production and my first without Alice as my director of photography (scary!). Our prompt was: in a future world where its impossible to discern whether you're a human or android, how would you figure out what you are? Big thanks to the dorm friends for use of them, locations and patience. ^^

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  • On a non-Cohorts related note, UCI recently had their 2nd Annual Mad Dash Film Festival where teams of 1-5 make a short in 24 hours. I did it with a few friends of mine from production and screenwriting and though we only placed in top 25 with no prizes, I actually quite liked our short. You can view it here.


    P.S. Sound sync problem has been resolved due to smart thinking on Alice's part.
    P.P.S. I'll stop begging for comments because Alice and I have to start basing our self worth on things other than comments on this page, right Alice? ;)


    "Don't be hatin'!"-- This is an in-camera assignment (all audio, editing, effects are all done in camera). The cast was great to work with and really did a great job with their performances and not letting a "simple" project loose its integrity. Good times, cheers.

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  • -Alice

    Special thank you to Mr. Mike Kidd who was fantastically cool in letting me shoot in his room; even when he didn't know I was shooting in his room, that is until he walked in.